Transworld Parts List

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Transworld 325v x-ray generator A1-5020
Transworld 325v time select pcb - Counter                                 $350.00 w/exchange,  plus shipping
Transworld part # 301M382
  back of timer p.c.b                      front of timer p.c.b
Prep and Expose momentary push button switches with lamp  NEW - $65.00 ea                  part # TW-SW-1
This is the exact replacement switch as used in Transworld 325V
Transworld 325V Power Supply Board
#300266 with exchange $425.00
Transworld 325V Logic Board
#200241 with exchange $350.00
Transworld 325V Filament Transformer
 with exchange $365.00
Transworld 360V / 325MP Parts
A1-4010 and A1-4040
Rotor Control Board for 360v / 325MP
Part # 308M190
$250.00 w/exchange + shipping
NEW Power Supply (as pictured to the right) for 360v / 325MP for replacement as pictured above. Part # BM 303-122
Prewired with original harness and mounting plate. $625.00 w/exchange + shipping
Main board - Microprocessor for 360v / 325MP
Part # 308M23
$650.00 w/exchange + shipping
Digital Interface Board for 360v/325MP
Part # 308M267
$450.00 w/exchange + shipping
24 volt DC Power Supply for 360v/325MP
Part # 308M101
$350.00 w/exchange + shipping
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We offer the following used/rebuilt and tested parts on an exchange basis. You must return the old part (core) to us within 15 days unless prior arrangements have been made. If you need to purchase the part outright, with no exchange, please contact us.
New Power Supply only for 360v/325MP
With detailed instructions and wiring diagram. Reuse your existing wiring harness and mounting plate.                $445.00 + shipping. No exchange required.