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Fischer kV adjust for model 36600G/FX325. This proceedure will adjust kV per mA station, 300, 200 and 100. It will change approximately 5 kV +/-, per adjustment for each mA station. This is a step beyond line tap settings. No parts supplied or needed. This info is in the service manaul download. 
Transworld 360 kV adjust. This is an overall kV adjust. It will increase or decrease the kV on all mA stations at the same time. It does not change the kV display, but rather the output itself. This is a step beyond the line tap settings. This info will tell you how to adjust. No parts supplied or needed. This was never mentioned in the service manual. We supply the kV adjust info with the  service manual download. Also included is our generator to transformer interconnect table/diagram.
Transworld 325, intermittent, no exposure problem. Usually is a failure of the power supply board. We have the power supply p.c.b., part # 300266. Offered with exchange of the old board. This one 99.9% of the time, is the cause. De-select bucky when troubleshooting for this problem. Click here for Transworld parts
Universal Easymatic 325 and Unimatic 325, intermittent, preps, but no exposure. The time delay relay was infamous for causing this problem. The module is $ 125 + shipping. Also check line voltage/auto tap settings.
De-select any buckys when troubleshooting this problem. Also check line voltage tap settings. Click here for UX parts
Erratic kV meter and output, but completes exposure? Check the kV comp board on Uni-matic's. Also kV tap switches.
Summit generators, Nova 325/360 and Innovet (the original, model W300 generator). Intermittent, preps but no exposure. Always check the footswitch first on the Innovets or any generator with a footswitch. The motor start board, A455, had issues from time to time. We have repaired boards. The board is $ 250 + shipping, with exchange of your old board. Click here 
Completes exposure, but intermittent output? Check filament, hi-tension cable end/pins, mA selector switch and kV tap switches. For more information, click here for the Advanced Troublehsooting Page.
Fischer generators, such as the 36600G, FX325 and any with tap switches for kV and mA select with intermittent, no exposure problems. The rotor relay chasis or board was a common failure problem of prep, but no exposure. If you have contactor "clunk" with no output, the most common causes I have seen have been a burnt main contactor or tap switch failure, which can be very intermittent at times, especially if it is a bad tap switch. The problem may be the major kV tap switch, minor kV tap switch or sometimes, the mA station select tap switch.  It's good practice to check/clean the contacts of the main contactor or replace the contactor. You'll normally find the contacts of the main contactor are pretty well smoked from years of use. Also check the hi-tension cable ends/pins, and check for filament. De-select buckys when troubleshooting this problem. Some Fischer Parts are still available as well as Fischer Service Manuals
Universal/Gendex/Del Hi-frequency generators with intermittent prep/rotor exposure problems.  The prep/expose switches will fail intermittently. If you hold the switch down in a solid manner and get a multitude of pulses, you have a bad, "bouncing" switch. You can either replace the switches or wire in a remote handswitch for troubleshooting purposes. The I/O board in the generator also had it's issues over the years. It is also a good idea to check the 30 mfd  rotor capacitor. Also check that the main contactor is pulling in, in a solid manner and that the contacts  aren't toasted. It's normally a good idea to clean these contacts or replace the contactor, as over the period of use, they normally take a pretty good beating. If the contactor does not fully pull in each time on power-up, it can give intermittent prep/ready issues as the cap bank may not charge. Also check the mA/rotor board in the card cage. The I/O board  though, many times, was the cause. Also see Advanced Troubleshooting.
Acoma/Innerscan.generators, such as the Acoma Futurus 2001 or Innerscan Ideal, using the momentary pushbutton switches that protruded above the operator console board, with intermittent prep/expose symptoms. This one I have found to almost always be the switches. Basically, almost impossible to check. It's good practice to replace both switches.
Can't change the displayed kV or time or works intermittently? The selector switches are flakey. These parts are available.
Ratheon/RME 325 The timer/contactor board was a problem. The switches for Hi/Lo kV selection did go bad from time to time. These parts are still available. Click here for parts
Bennett D-325 / C-325 erratic line comp function. $50.00 charge. Eveything else will still function on the multi-logic board. No parts supplied or needed. This is an information only item and is not in the original service manual. The service manual in pdf format will also be available on the download page at no additional cost. So you get the instructions for the work-around and the service manual for $50.00. After checkout you will be automatically redirected to download. For other Bennett service manuals, Click here

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