Switches and Hand Switches
As used on Bennett/Trex Tubestands
(cap is blank, no markings)

Overall part# 204524

NEW two position 4 wire Hand Switch

No end connector

For hard wire applications ONLY
New Transworld 325 Prep or Expose Switch

Many switches used in our industry are considered obsolete. We are able to source some of them but they require us to special order with minimum quantities. This is reflected in the pricing.
NEW TXR Tingle 325 Prep or Expose Switch

NEW Universal Hi/Lo kV switch
For Universal Easymatic Generators

(jumper wire not included)

Universal Easymatic/Uni-Matic

two position exposure switch - Used
4 wire circuit or connect both

common wires together and

make a 3 wire circuit

Black - prep

Red- prep common

Green - expose

White - expose common

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Original Bennett 100 Series Switch Panel

New Reproduction Replacements

Original Bennett part# 101671

HCMI replacement Switch Panels

And also for:

Newer Bennett as made by Summit

Bennett Prep/Expose Switch p.c.b
Part# 208053/208053-1
Rebuilt with new switches
Sold only w/exchange of the old p.c.b

Now improved with a metal back plate to
prevent the panel from flexing and failing
CPI 2-Position Hand Switch

Original part# LS-02-9PIN

Our assembled part# LS-02-9PIN-XPD

Price & ship options
Price & ship options
New HCMI Switch Panel
New 100 Series Switch Panel
Price & ship options
Price & ship options
Price & ship options
Price & ship options