Bennett/Trex/HCMI Advanced Troubleshooting
kVp? and kVp C? errors

Swap both kV boards while at the same time moving their respective jumpers. Did the error move from one side to the other? Then bad kV board

If the error did not move, try totally disconnecting the kV board of the side with the error (molex connector and ribbon cables) and try an exposure. If one side will shoot then you know the problem is isolated to just the one side and troubleshoot from there.

Boots to DC ref error (non SE units)

Check -10.2v reference. If not there, check 24vac to Micro board. If not there, check fuses and suspect possible problem in collimator.
Check for +/-15vdc on Regulated power supply bd. If not there, check F5 and F6.If F5 or F6 blows again, start disconnecting KV boards and Line Monitor board to see if fuses will hold. If all 3 boards are disconnected from +/-15vdc and fuse still blows......bad Power supply board.
May also be a sign of blown FET or IGBT Inverter/drivers, check drivers for any signs of blowout.
Also check all the DC bridges on top of the capacitor bank. Should be approximately 350-370 vdc at the output of each DC bridge.
A shorted DC bridge will also give the same error. If you do find a shorted DC bridge, suspect a bad/shorted inverter driver also.

SE (Stored Energy-battery) boots to SES voltage error

Check the -10.2 reference on the micro board. If ok, may be that the Vsense is not working correctly on the source charger board or boards.
For troubleshooting and checking the batteries, click here

Rotor ?

Check 0vac and 220vac (F1 & F2) fuses.
Jumper rotor common (9) to 220vac (F1 fuse holder).......rotor should immediately spin. If not then check rotor cable, starter cap and tube.
Only try this test for a few seconds so that the tube stator windings do not overheat.
If all of this checks ok, then would suspect bad interface board or a problem on the micro board.

Machine won't totally boot

Console boots partially and stops sometimes to a ROM error. Normally corrupted software causes this. Contact us for replacement software.

Note concerning blown FET or IGBT Inverter/Drivers

Inverters can fail on their own just with age. They can also fail from shorting hi-tension cables or an arcing X-Ray tube.

Note concerning blown HCMI IGBT drivers only

A condition exists with HCMI generators only where one or more than likely both IGBT drivers fail at the same time and normally blow out violently with a loud pop. This can happen with a loss of +15 vdc from the regulated power supply board. When this happens the +15 vdc test point on the regulated power supply board will read something less than +15 vdc and is not adjustable by the trimpot on the board. Loss of a solid +15 vdc causes the kV reg boards to not function correctly and this is what causes the drivers to blow. Again this is an isolated problem to HCMI generators only and does not apply to original Bennett/Trex generators. This is the first thing to check if you have blown drivers on an HCMI generator.